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Dubbelclik on the note

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high B3 246,94hz SI

high Ais 233,08hz LA sharp

high A3 220,00hz LA

high Gis 207,65hz SOL sharp

high G3 196,00hz SOL

high Fis 185,00hz FA sharp

high F3 174,61hz FA

high E3 164,81hz MI

high Dis 155,56hz RHE sharp

high D3 146,83hz RHE

high Cis 138,59hz DO sharp

high C3 130,81hz DO

high B2 123,47hz SI

mid Ais 116,54hz LA sharp

mid A2 110.00hz LA

mid Gis 103,83hz SOL sharp

mid G2 98,00hz SOL

mid Fis 92,50hz FA sharp

mid F2 87,31hz FA

mid E2 82,41hz MI

low Dis 77,78hz RHE sharp

low D2 73,42hz RHE

low Cis 69,30hz DO sharp

low C2 66,41hz DO

low B1 61,74hz LA

low Ais 58,77hz LA sharp

low A1 55,00hz SOL sharp

low G1 49,00hz SOL

fis low Fis 46,25hz FA sharp

low F1 43,65hz FA

low E1 41,20hz MI

lower Dis 38,89hz RHE sharp

lower D1 36,71hz RHE

lower Cis 34,65hz Cis DO sharp

lower C1 32,70hz D